Creative flair with good cheer

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Albert Einstein

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Artwork is about good communication

 My work represents good cheer and good energy and I want it to be upbeat and memorable for the viewer. As a farmer’s daughter I was taught to take pride in my work and be proud of where I’m from. And I am.

I live in Orkney which is an impressive group of islands off the north coast of Scotland. The weather is wild and the scenery is beautiful – the perfect setting for a creative mind. I have drawn all my life – simple pencil and paper is my favourite tool kit. And nothing beats the great outdoors for a clear head.

Farming is in my blood

Being brought up on our family farm, Quanterness I have been surrounded by animals all my life.

The picture on the right is Ma and Grandpa Harcus, outside their dairy at Glaitness, where my father and Auntie grew up.

I first took up horse riding aged 5. I had a small dapple grey Shetland called Seigfreid. He was pretty badly behaved but I loved him dearly!

Living on an island, plenty of time was always spent on a beach. Maybe not quite the Mediterranean version you pictured when I first said that!

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Leaving Orkney.....

When I was 19 I left Orkney to study Illustration and Graphic Design at The National College of Art & Design in Dublin. I also enjoyed an exchange programme to Finland. Being away from Orkney for a while was important. I made some firm friends for life and it made me see how much the islands were part of me. And my artwork.

New job...

In 2013, I became a STGA Green Badge Tour Guide. It was important for me to give something back to the place I grew up. I also find it very inspiring to meet others from around the globe.

As any creative person will tell you, you have to spend some time away from your studio in order to generate any exciting new work.

Britt Harcus image
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Life has changed, yet still stayed the same

Today I live and work in Orkney with my husband, my 2 children and a fierce cat called Korky. I still enjoy horseback on my beautiful mare, Bea. I love where I live and firmly believe if you surround yourself with beauty it is much easier to create beautiful artwork.

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